Barnes and Noble Adventure!

    Last week I got to go to mine and my Mama Akeylah’s favorite place: Barnes and Noble!


We went straight for the kids book section, well maybe not straight there. I wanted to stop and look at toys, but Mama said that we weren’t buying toys today. Boo! 


There was a big display for Dr. Seuss books, did you know his birthday was March 2nd? I didn’t either! 


Mama found me some of her favoritest kids books and we read them together in the reading area, which had chairs and benches and cool trees to sit under! 


I even got to read the books all by myself!


After we looked at my books Mama showed me the books by her favoritest author, Neil Gaiman. She said I can’t read these till I’m a little older. I can’t wait!


In the grown up section there’s a cafe, and I really wanted a cookie. Mama said no cookies today, but said maybe next week! I really hope I can talk her into giving me a cookie soon!


I can't wait for my next adventure, who knows where we'll go!

Hi, I'm Marisol!


My name is Marisol Medlock. I was born July, 17, 2017 at a Build-a-Bear in Albuquerque, NM. I came to be because my two mamas were bestest friends and wanted to have an adorable memento of their friendship. Mama Alex has two babies, both boys and doesn't want anymore kids. She always said if she was to have a girl, her name would be Marisol. Mama Akeylah (the creator of this blog) was just about to be married to her other best friend and the other best friend of Mama Alex, and both wanted him to be involved, too. So they gave me his last name. 

I like to go on adventures, just like Mama Alex and I like writing my adventures down just like Mama Akeylah. 

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