The Year of New Experiences

    I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions. I don’t have anything against them, to be sure, but I also don’t put much stock in them. They seem more like wishes than anything else. This year though, I wanted to make all my own wishes come true. My goal for now and the future is to live as true to myself as I can, and so setting a little New Year’s goal didn’t seem half-bad. 

    Of course, I had some classic New Year sentiments: let’s finally get this weight off, let’s finish writing that book, etc. But my most important goal of the year was to set my intention towards having new experiences. On New Year’s Eve, as I contemplated what a good (read: achievable) resolution, I realized the one thing I truly wanted in my life was to do new things, to step out of my comfort zone, get out of my usual bubble, and experience the world! 

    So here I am, my fellow misadventurers, declaring (three months late) that this year will be the Year of New Experiences! Go forth and experience the wild, crazy world we live in! And tune in for the misadventures I find myself on!