My name is Akeylah, like "Kayla" but with an "uh" at the front. I'm a twenty-something trying to make my way in this messed up world and figure out things like: how to be a person, what I want out of life, and how to have fun without going broke. 

The title of this blog came from one of my favorite TV shows, the Netflix original BoJack Horseman. In the episode "Chickens," one character, Todd, complains to a friend that he feels he is just a screw up who can't do anything right.

"I feel like my life is just a series of loosely-related wacky misadventures," he tells her.

"I think that's just what being in your twenties is," she tells him.

This line really struck me. Life in your twenties, when you're transitioning from childhood into this wild ride that we call adulthood, can feel a bit wacky and overwhelming. 

So here it is. My string of loosely related misadventures, with a little pseudo-philosophical thoughts and attempts at writing thrown in as a bonus.